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What You Need To Know About Boating When Visiting The Hoover Dam

Posted by on Sep 14, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If you are planning on visiting and touring the Hoover Dam this summer, make sure that you add some time into your trip for boating as well. The Hoover Dam feeds into Lake Mead, which has 247 square miles of surface area for you to enjoy on your boat. Here is what you need to know about boating on Lake Mead when you visit the Hoover Dam. Activities There are a variety of different activities that you can enjoy on Lake Mead other than just floating around in your boat all day. The two most popular activities to engage in on Lake Mead are fishing and water skiing. Here are some important tips if you plan to partake in either of these activities. Fishing Lake Mead spans across two different states, Arizona and Nevada. If you want to fish at Lake Mead, you need to have a fishing license for the state that your boat is in. You can pick up a fishing license at the marina or even in a local grocery store. Just make sure that you purchase a fishing permit for the right state; if in doubt, you can always purchase a fishing license for both states. Lake Mead, although it is a man-made lake, is stocked full with a large variety of different fish. The most common fish include trout, large-mouth bass, striped bass, bluegill, channel catfish, and crappies. Make sure that you bring along the appropriate bait for the type of fish that you wish to catch. Water Skiing When water skiing in Lake Mead, there are a few rules that you need to follow. When you have someone out on skis behind your boat, you need to have an orange flag clearly displayed. The purpose of this orange flag is to alert all the other boaters in the area that you have someone in the water so that they give you the space you need to keep everyone safe. Additionally, you also need to have at least one person besides the driver on your boat whenever someone is skiing dedicating to keeping an eye on the skier. If the skier falls down, it is this person’s job to let the driver of the boat know immediately so they can turn around and pick the person back up. Furthermore, Lake Mead is a national park, which means that you are only permitted to ski during the day; no night skiing is allowed. You also need to keep your skiing activities away from any marked and designated swimming or mooring space on the lake. Boating Rules As a national park, there are specific rules that you have to follow whenever you take your boat out on the water. The boating rules at Lake Mead require you to carry a lanyard, fire extinguisher and lifejacket. Here is what you need to know about those requirements. Lanyard: Your personal boat is required to have a cut-off switch that will turn off the engine if someone is not personally in control of the boat. This cutoff switch generally needs to be attached to a lanyard that the driver is wearing; if the driver leaves the helm of the boat, the engine will then immediately cut-off as the key is pulled out. Fire Extinguisher: Since most boats carry fuel,...

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3 Tips For Buying Motocross Boots

Posted by on Sep 13, 2016 in Uncategorized |

While motocross is an exciting sport, the amount of gear that you need to buy before starting to ride can be a bit daunting. So if you’re not sure where to start, why not look at boots first? A good pair of boots is among the most important pieces of gear you can own and will offer you vital protection. Before you buy, though, take a look at the three tips below that will help you during the purchasing process and ensure that you don’t have buyer’s remorse. Protection vs. Flexibility The more protection a boot gives you, the less likely you are to get injured during a race. But on the other hand, a boot with a great deal of protective material will often compromise flexibility. To get the best of both worlds, look for boots with a hinged design. Boots with a hinge will give you greater flexibility and comfort, but won’t skimp on protection. They may be a bit pricier than non-hinged alternatives, but they’re worth every penny. Extra Features Quality boots often have extra features that will make the boot — and your ride — that much more comfortable. One of the key features you will want to be on the lookout for is shin plate protectors. These will keep debris and other riders’ bikes from causing severe injury during a race. Another great feature is toe and heel protectors. Avoid boots that feature only plastic toe and heel protectors, and opt instead for the steel ones. They’ll last longer and are more durable overall than plastic protectors. Correct Sizing If you think you’ve found the perfect pair of boots, but they are only available from an online store, then you will need to know your boot size before ordering. Before anything else, you will want to locate a boot sizing chart. Then measure your foot while wearing the riding socks you plan to wear while wearing the boot. The resulting measurement will usually be one size greater than your normal shoe size, so don’t assume you’ve made a mistake in your measurements right off the bat. That said, many boots will size narrow or wide depending on the brand, so read the fine print to make sure that the boot sizes normally relative to other brands. If it does, you can have confidence knowing that your boots will arrive on your doorstep ready to wear.  For more information, contact local professionals like Bob’s Cycle & Snowmobile...

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3 Fast Facts Every Whitetail Deer Hunter Needs To Know

Posted by on Aug 5, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Whether you’re planning a hunting trip to one of the major whitetail deer ranches in the country or you intend to head somewhere to a rural area, whitetail deer hunting can be one of the most rewarding adventures. Not only do whitetails offer just enough of a hunting challenge to keep you on your toes, they are an excellent meat to have tucked away in your freezer. However, if you have never been hunting for whitetail deer, your hunting excursion can be a little more of a challenge than what you expect. Here are a few fast facts every novice whitetail deer hunter needs to know.  Unless you catch a deer sitting still, it is highly unlikely you will get a good shot. Many novice whitetail hunters are incredibly surprised the first time they encounter a whitetail in the wild simply because of their agility. The average deer will be able to run around 40 miles per hour. They can leap over nine-foot tall fences or structures like it is no challenge at all. They can even jump as high as 30 feet if they get a good running start. This is why hunting these forest dwellers can be such a challenge unless you plan your hunt in such a way that you will not be approaching the deer, but the deer approaching you while you sit in wait. Whitetail deer have especially keen hearing. Hunting whitetail deer will mean that you have to learn how to be perfectly quiet while you wait in a deer blind or tree stand. These creatures have incredibly keen hearing. They can turn their large ears in the direction of sound without moving their heads, and the shape of their ears allows them to hear even the smallest sound from a long distance. A slight rustle of limbs, crunch of leaves, or cough, can send your target deer scampering off in the opposite direction.  Deer use scent glands to communicate with each other. Whitetail deer have scent glands around their feet and legs. Often times, when scouting for deer, you will spot deer rubs, which are markings on downed trees or on the ground created by the deer actually scraping their feet on the ground. This leaves a scent behind to let other deer know things, such as which deer was in the area. One of the easiest ways to track down a good spot for hunting whitetail deer is to get to know the signs that a deer has left its scent mark in a specific...

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3 Tips For Dealing With Your Period At Camp

Posted by on Jul 5, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Whether you are expecting your period or not, it may come while you are at summer camp. The change in environment, influence of other females, and change in activity levels can make your period come at an unexpected time or can inspire your first period if you have not started having periods yet. Because of this, it is important to be prepared to deal with your period while at camp. The following tips will help you prepare.  Bring Plenty of Supplies  You should bring plenty of sanitary pads or tampons to camp with you. Around twenty of either should be sufficient for most periods, but if you have a heavier flow you may want to bring more. If you are using pads, you should consider pads with wings to help keep them in place while you are participating in activities. If you are comfortable using tampons, they should not be a problem while you are at camp. They also make it possible for you to swim and enjoy water sports while you are on your period.  Besides pads or tampons, you should also bring plastic bags to place used pads or tampons in. This can cut down on odors. Also, try to dispose of your used items in an indoor trashcan as opposed to an outdoor trashcan to avoid attracting animals to your used supplies.  Skip the Medications  If you get cramps, you may be used to taking pain relievers to help manage them. However, most camps have strict policies regarding medications. If you have a specific medication that works for you, you should have your parent send it to the camp nurse. They will distribute it to you when you ask for it. Alternatively, you can use mild pain medication that the camp will provide if you are not particular about the brand of pain medication you use.  Let Your Counselor Know  Although it may be embarrassing at first, you should let your counselor know if you are on your period. This way, they will understand when you want to sit out of certain activities and they will be able to send you to the nurse as often as necessary. Additionally, they will help give you tips on disposing of products properly at camp. You can tell your counselor discreetly so none of your camp mates hear.  If you go to camp often, you will inevitably end up at camp while you are on your period. Make sure you follow these tips to stay safe and hygienic during your camp experience. Contact a business, such as Camp Marimeta For Girls, for more information....

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Shake It Out: The Best Extracurricular Activities For Your Active Child

Posted by on Jun 3, 2016 in Uncategorized |

Most children are full of boundless energy, but for those children who are even more active than the average child, it can be exhausting to try to help them expend all that energy before bedtime. But there are a couple of less-traditional extracurricular activities that are made for those children who are always raring to get up and move – and can teach them things like sportsmanship, physical grace, and self-control at the same time. So if you’re looking for the best less-traditional extracurricular activities for your active child, then here’s what you need to know. En Garde Fencing is an ancient and noble sport (being one of five sports continuously appearing in the Olympics), though the form that most closely resembles modern fencing was established in Spain at least 500 years ago. Perhaps because it’s been around for so long, fencing classes made for children are relatively easy to locate in most any area, making it a perfect choice for your kid. Fencing can improve your child’s concentration and patience through its relatively strict regimen and rules, and focuses as much (or possibly more) on correct posture and careful footwork as it does on parrying and feinting. Click here for fencing sports equipment or do an online search.  Jiu-jitsu If you’re a bit leery at the thought of your child wielding a fencing foil, don’t worry – you can always enroll them in jiu-jitsu. A martial art from Japan, jiu-jitsu (also spelled jujutsu, meaning “yielding technique”) focuses less on taking down an opponent and more on self-defense, learning to use an attacker’s force against them to get out of a bad situation. As a way of life, jiu-jitsu focuses more on training the body and mind than on an individual’s physical power, attempting to instill discipline in its students and to respect themselves and others. Jiu-jitsu has several sub-disciplines, with judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu (which focuses more on grappling and ground fighting than locks and throwing) being the most popular. Giddyup If martial arts doesn’t float your child’s boat, try enrolling them in horseback riding lessons. Primarily broken up into English riding (also called classical riding) and Western riding (which takes its techniques from American cowboys), the former includes the Olympic disciplines of dressing, eventing, and show jumping, while the latter includes vastly different clothing and equipment (including a very different saddle) and focuses more on rodeo events based on the speed and flexibility of the horse and rider. Along with giving your child a physical workout, horseback riding also teaches them responsibility in caring for their horse and...

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When To Bail On Your Boat

Posted by on May 4, 2016 in Uncategorized |

The time has come to put your boat out on the lake or river. You and your family are probably beyond excited to get back out on the water, right until you take it out for the first time and encounter a string of difficulties and needed repairs. If you are regularly experiencing certain issues, you need to invest in a new boat. Leaks Most boats will develop a small leak now and then. In those instances, you just locate the leak and fix it. If you are facing inches of water every time you climb in your vessel, you should probably consider investing in a new model. Of course, you can seek help from a qualified repair person, but if they cannot cure the problem, stop bailing and start shopping. Water Time If you bought a boat to enjoy during your free time, that free time shouldn’t be reduced by trips to the repair shop. In many areas, the boating season only lasts a few months. If you are continually staying at home on the weekends because the boat is in the shop, you should visit  a boat dealership and upgrade. Even if you have fond memories of your current boat, you may need to retire it. A boat that causes you much aggravation defeats the purpose of having one. Rejection This last sign may be a sensitive one. You need to look around and compare the number of people on other people’s boats and the number on yours. If you can no longer get your friends and relatives to agree to a boat trip, your current boat needs to go. Almost everyone loves an invitation to go boating. When you first purchased your boat, you probably had people lined up to go out on the water with you. If you now have to bribe your ten-year-old with cash to come with you, it’s a very clear sign that something is wrong. Either you are a terrible boater, or you desperately need a new boat. Getting a new boat, or at least one that is new to you, can be a difficult decision. You may not want to invest the money, or you may have sentimental ties to your current vessel. If you pay attention, you will recognize the signs that you need a new boat. Basically, if your boating enjoyment has been greatly reduced due to a number of repair problems, you need to surrender and treat yourself to a water-ready upgrade. Contact a business, such as Boater’s Landing, for more information on boating....

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Two Fun Classes That Will Help You Get Your Body Ready For The Beach

Posted by on Mar 29, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If you’re looking forward to heading to the beach this summer, but don’t feel that your body is beach ready yet, then take the initiative now and take action. Don’t make the mistake and think that crash dieting is the solution. You will lose fat and muscle. Also, any weight that is lost so quickly will be difficult to keep off. You can’t permanently live on a starvation diet. If you want to look good in your swimsuit, you should focus on toning or building muscle, and slowly losing fat. Here are two types of classes you can take that will help you do this. Yoga Classes If you don’t like the idea of lifting weights, and are not into jogging or cycling, then yoga class is perfect. During a yoga class you will perform a series of poses. These are performed slowly, but they are strenuous. You will elevate your heart rate, which gives you a calorie burning cardio workout, but without the impact that comes from something like jogging. You will also improve your muscles via bodyweight exercises. For instance, a pose such as the supported shoulderstand is an excellent way to firm up your glutes. Yoga is the best match for a man or woman who wants to create a lean look, rather than build mass. You will build muscle, but the intention is on toning up your physique. Crossfit Gym On the other end of the spectrum, you have crossfit classes. These are perfect for men or women who want to burn fat away and build muscle. So, for guys who want bigger biceps and pecs, and ladies who want to build their glutes, then a crossfit class is perfect. You will be lifting heavy weights and building muscle. It’s the natural, healthy alternative to steroids or procedures such as a Brazilian butt lift. Crossfit gyms, like Vent-Up, have classes that run you through a series of weightlifting exercises. The focus is on speed and form. You will do dead lifts, squats, clean and jerks, as well as kipping pull up and box jumps. Unlike a traditionally bodybuilding session at a real gym, you don’t take breaks. You move from one lift to another. This speed turns a regular lifting session into a super fat burning cardio workout. The other cool thing about a crossfit gym is that they are group focused. So if you’re someone who needs motivation to workout and get fit, they are perfect. Everyone works out in the same space and encourages each other. There is very much a team-like atmosphere to the...

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Increasing The Visibility Of Your Boat Docking Area

Posted by on Feb 5, 2016 in Uncategorized |

If you have a small watercraft that you house in your own dock area during downtime, you may want to draw attention to this area so it is attractive to others. Most people dress up their dock area as it is an extension of their home property. Increasing the visibility will also make it easier to steer your boat in after a long day on the water. Here are some ways you can make your dock area seen from a distance away. Illuminate The Area Adding lights to your docking area is a wonderful way to showcase it to all who are using the waterways for recreation. Consider stringing some small lights underneath your boat canopy to make the area festive. This can be done with plain white lights or a colored light choice for even more of an aura. Place small solar-powered lights on your dock to help guide your vessel toward safety when darkness sets in. Dress Up Your Canopy Many people place a boat lift canopy over the area their boat is kept. This will help it stay out of direct sunlight and is a deterrent for theft as well. A bright color, a fun pattern, or even a canopy with wording expressing your like for a favorite team or alma mater can be a great way to catch the eyes of those passing by. Canopies can be custom-made by companies like Waterway Boat Lift Covers to suit your fancy and then installed to give your boat lift a whimsical appearance for all to appreciate. Add A Touch Of Home Bring the ambiance of your home to your docking area. Have your boat storage area sided to match your home and have the roof adorned with the same shingles. The decor can be matching, right down to the trim and fixtures on windows or doorways. This is a fun way to show appreciation of your belongings by bringing a twin look to your boat’s home. Another idea is to add some signs to the area to grab attention and a laugh or two by those passing. Find a fun slogan about boating or life on the water that will be sure to be appreciated by others with the same love of the sport. These can be placed across the top of your boat lift canopy or bolted to the dock itself for a fun way to share a bit of your lifestyle into your boating area....

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There Are Good Reasons To Take A Fifth Wheel Trailer When You Camp

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If your idea of camping doesn’t involve tents and sleeping on the ground, you may want to consider using a camper trailer. With a trailer, you get all the benefits of being at home, like a nice soft bed and a toilet, while still getting out and enjoying nature. There are different kinds of trailers that you can go with. One style is a fifth wheel.  Fifth Wheel Trailers A fifth wheel trailer got its name because it acts more like an actual extension to the vehicle, instead of something hitched to it. While other trailers can be hauled by large cars, a fifth wheel trailer has to be towed by a truck. The reason for that is that the trailer has an overhang that will extend over the bed of the truck. The hitch for the trailer is under that overhang. Instead of hitching to a bumper, like other trailers, the fifth wheel trailer connects to a hitch in the pickup bed, and is supported by several rails. The hitch is removable so that the pickup bed is usable when the trailer isn’t being hauled, but the rails stay in the truck. Benefits of Fifth Wheel Trailers A fifth wheel trailer has a lot of benefits. One of them is that you are going to get more living space. In general, the master bedroom of the trailer is in the overhang. You get to have some privacy with the bed up there, and you get to have more living room in the rest of the trailer. Because of that loft area, the trailers tend to be a little taller as well, making them more comfortable if you are a little taller than average.  A much more practical benefit of a fifth wheel trailer is that it is easier to handle. Because of the way it connects, with a funnel-style hitch in the back of the truck instead of having to hit the small ball hitch, it is much easier for one person to connect the trailer up. All trailers experience something called trailer sway. That means that the trailer doesn’t always stay exactly behind the tow vehicle. There are a lot of causes to trailer sway. One of the most common is wind. The trailer presents a huge cross section for the wind to push around, like a sail. A bumper pull trailer has more problems with trailer sway because its connection to the tow vehicle is only at one point. While a fifth wheel will also have some sway, it is lessened because the trailer has a more secure connection to the tow vehicle, making it easier to haul and control.  If you want to get out and camp but you like the convenience of a flush toilet right on hand, a fifth wheel trailer may be exactly what you are looking for. Visit a trailer dealer like Camping World of Ocala for more...

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Healing Benefits Of Hot Tubs

Posted by on Oct 21, 2015 in Uncategorized |

A hot tub may seem like simply a luxury, a way to retreat from the rigors of the world. Those benefits shouldn’t be minimized. Beyond just basic relaxation, hot tubs can serve as a basis for healing. Used in both hydrotherapy and thermotherapy, hot tubs promote healing for sports injuries, general muscle tension and even arthritis. Muscle Tension The most obvious benefit of a hot tub is to relieve sore muscles. This isn’t just a luxury. Over time, the body reduces blood flow to the affected area, which decreases oxygen and increases the buildup of biochemical waste products in the muscle. This is the source of the pain, and it usually doesn’t go away by itself. Thermotherapy applies heat to the area, increasing the blood flow and relieving the tension. This is why hot tubs are so soothing at the end of a stressful day. Sore Muscles Sore muscles occur after a period of exercise. Typically the soreness doesn’t set in until later. According to Web MD, delayed onset muscle soreness is the result of microscopic tears in the muscle resulting from contractions during exercise. Not only does the hot water in a spa increase the blood flow, it also promotes the production of white blood cells. Both of these help in the healing process of delayed onset muscle soreness. Sports Injuries Applying heat after a sports injury can be a little tricky. In the initial phase of healing, the body actually needs cold to reduce the inflammation. This is called cryotherapy. However, hydrotherapy in a pool near or just below body temperature is one physical therapy method for athletes. The weightlessness of water allows them to exercise the injured body part without putting stress on the area. A spa can be useful in this phase if the temperature is lowered. After the inflammation has gone down, thermotherapy aids in the healing similarly to how it works with delayed onset muscle soreness. Rheumatoid Arthritis Hot tub therapy is often overlooked in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis. However, the benefits of applying heat to the affected areas is well known. Many sufferers enjoy immersing their hands in a paraffin bath or even warming up their clothes before putting them on. However, a soak in a hot tub relieves muscle tension and stimulates blood circulation. This helps reduce the morning stiffness associated with arthritis. For more information, contact Ole’s Pool & Spa or a similar...

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4 Tips For A “Fly And Ride” Motorcycle Vacation

Posted by on Aug 26, 2015 in Uncategorized |

A “fly and ride” vacation means flying to your first destination and then riding a motorcycle once you’re there, rather than riding your motorcycle out of state or across the country. This type of vacation can be the best of both worlds for motorcycle enthusiasts since you get the convenience and efficiency of a flight but also get to explore new scenery via motorcycle. This is an especially good idea if you have a limited amount of vacation time. Here are four tips for planning your “fly and ride” vacation: Rent a Motorcycle Did you know that these days renting a motorcycle is just as easy as renting a car? You can book your motorcycle rental ahead of time online, as soon as you book your airfare and know which days you will need the bike. You can rent a motorcycle that is similar to the one you own and are already comfortable with, or use this as an opportunity to try out a different style of bike. Pack Carefully Since you will be carrying your belongings with you on your motorcycle, you should aim to pack light but without skipping any necessities. If you’ll be riding for more than a day or so, be sure to rent a motorcycle with a saddlebag or luggage rack. Check on weather conditions for your destination and pack accordingly. This handy motorcycle packing list is great for longer trips. Plan Out a Basic Itinerary While the ability to be spontaneous is one of the joys of the open road, it’s still sensible to plan a basic itinerary. This will ensure you have lodging planned and booked for each night of your trip, and also that you don’t miss any must-see sights. Be sure to let a loved one know your itinerary and check in with them each day so that someone knows your whereabouts and that you are safe. Be Mindful of Practical Details Be sure to hold onto your motorcycle rental agreement and pay attention to the rules, like when you need to have the motorcycle back by and whether or not you should fill the gas tank before you return your bike. Bring along emergency phone numbers, as well as the numbers and addresses of your hotels for each night. It’s a good idea to carry a list of any medical conditions and medications you take, in case you are in an accident or other emergency. By following these tips, you will enjoy a thrilling motorcycle vacation without the hassle of bringing your bike along with...

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